Saturday, June 13, 2009

Salomon goes green 2.0

Couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about Salomon green iniative. Some people may argue it is partially a marketing stunt and to ride the green wagon but being a material engineer myself, I have found that we as designers have the responsability to search and provide technology that can be as good (or better) by using more carbon neutral materials. Of course Salomon is not alone in the race of the greenest company but I find it is healthy for the snowboard industry to look for alternatives.

So in this snowrev report, Rian from Salomon talk about using green materials and so on.

"wood core boards sandwiched in bamboo veneers which allows using less fiberglass and less epoxy which are the two nastiest compounds in a snowboard. This lowers the amount of materials used and the amount of carbon out put and the gas and energy burned."

"With ABC sandwich board we replace fiberglass with bamboo, which is locally sourced by our factory; reduces the phosphates and cuts down on our energy and CO2 output. With ABC wrapper it uses also cuts down on the plastic use."

"bindings are made with recycled plastic baseplates. We took parts from old bindings and stuff that was lying around the factory, reground them and turned them into new baseplates. We are using corn based plastics instead oil based plastics. In our boots we are using some recycled rubber and rice in the tread. We eliminated all PVC and we eliminated the chemical microbial lining and replaced it with a green tea treatment."

One last comment, I remember that about 10 years ago Salomon board graphic used to be very safe...they have come a long way as well.check this one out, pretty sick.

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