Friday, September 26, 2008

Celebration: pop

We finally arrived to South Florida and it was quite a journey with some long hours of driving. So today we were in the middle of boxes but it was time to celebrate.
When I took my wife Leslie to Reims two years, she discovered the pleasure of drinking champagne. So now it has been pretty much a routine.

I usually open the bottle because the cork can fly at 35mph, but of course this time my wife did not wait for me and was not expecting such a flying object...I was just glad it did not hit her eye.

Looking on the web I found this cork catcher designed by Claude Maufette that looks pretty slick. For more info the website is

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving back to Florida

Well it is time for me to say bye to California, I have tried really hard for the past months to work in the action sport industry but I realized that without any good connections it is extremely difficult to get in. I have not gave up...I am still living my dream everyday: to share my passion for the Elements, teaching kids to respect Nature and be grateful for what we have.

Leslie and I are going to pick up my dad at the airport tomorrow, he is so funny always trying to find a way to come to the US. He first came to the States in 67 and then came back in 69 and during that time he fell in love with the land of the free.

I have to finish packing but this two years in Southern California have been wonderful and I am sure one day we will be back.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eco surf wax

I have started to see some new brands of surf wax that claims to be eco-friendly and realized that we as surfers must use a lot of those $1 bars.
Having one of the biggest brand near my backyard: Sticky Bumps located in Carlsbad, CA: I thought it could be useful for everyone to know that they produce around 20,000 bars a day. Sex wax is going head to head with Sticky so it is fair to say that in total there should be between 50- 60,000 surf wax produce every day.

The main ingredients in surf wax are synthetic rubbers with heavy alcohol agents, or tackifiers, for extra stickiness. Well that doesn't sound too friendly, isn't it?
What that means is that surf wax is a like a plastic bottle , it doesn't bio degrade and consequently it can be swallowed by fish,etc.. The ocean is given me so much and every time I am in the water, I feel in harmony with Nature. So I have taken the choice to pay $2 to get my wax and while it certainly doesn't make a big difference, it certainly show the way to other surfers.

Organic wax is 100 natural made of beeswax, tree resin,etc...So make sure to have a look at your closest surf shop and ask for an eco brand if they don't have any. It is time to change and every small steps count.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cardboard Surfboard (Sheldrake)

You may have experienced price increase from gas to food and pretty much everything else that you need to buy on a weekly basis.

Summer is coming and my budget for buying a new surfboard is seriously shrinking, faster than a snowball on a South Florida beach.

And then...I found an article about a cardboard surfboard that would cost $100, in addition to be environmentally friendly.

It is currently at a prototyping stage but it does sound promising and when an bio alternative to epoxy gets widely available, I will be able to surf and be eco friendly at the same time.

Being green is hot and if that mean I will save money, it's even hotter.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Von Zipper + Skullcandy

Walking done the aisle at the ASR show in San Diego, I saw some pretty cool products, not to mention all the cute girls in bikini.
my friends have asked me what is the best product that will be coming up next season. My answer is simple the co-branding of Von Zipper + SkullCandy.
The graphics are amazing and I love listening musci while snowboarding but I hate having some regular headset so here is the perfect combo.

The three models will be the Dojo Skullcandy Ribbons & Gold, the Chakra Skullcandy Intersection, and the Feenom Skullcandy Replicator.