Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exclusivo Collection 2009: Smith Optics

Smith Optics is well known in the industry for quality and performance on products such as sunglasses, goggles and helmets.With a lifetime warranty, Smith stands behind those to provide the best to snowboarders who want to push themselves.

However I will have to admit while their goggles have great features, they have been conservative on the fashion style. But this is coming to an end.

With all those fashion fickle snowboarders, Smith is coming up next season with some sick styles. Partnering with Cappel (ride snowboard), they have designed the Exclusivo Collection to provide the best style on their high performance goggles.

Furthermore, there are all kind of lenses you can choose from and for those who only go once a year, it can be confusing what lenses to pick. As a result Smith has designed a website that will help you select the right lenses, so go check it out:

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