Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eco surf wax

I have started to see some new brands of surf wax that claims to be eco-friendly and realized that we as surfers must use a lot of those $1 bars.
Having one of the biggest brand near my backyard: Sticky Bumps located in Carlsbad, CA: I thought it could be useful for everyone to know that they produce around 20,000 bars a day. Sex wax is going head to head with Sticky so it is fair to say that in total there should be between 50- 60,000 surf wax produce every day.

The main ingredients in surf wax are synthetic rubbers with heavy alcohol agents, or tackifiers, for extra stickiness. Well that doesn't sound too friendly, isn't it?
What that means is that surf wax is a like a plastic bottle , it doesn't bio degrade and consequently it can be swallowed by fish,etc.. The ocean is given me so much and every time I am in the water, I feel in harmony with Nature. So I have taken the choice to pay $2 to get my wax and while it certainly doesn't make a big difference, it certainly show the way to other surfers.

Organic wax is 100 natural made of beeswax, tree resin,etc...So make sure to have a look at your closest surf shop and ask for an eco brand if they don't have any. It is time to change and every small steps count.

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