Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Around 2000, Kitesurfing started to be big in France and at the time I did quite a bit of shaping at Raphael Selles Custom but never seriously invested in Kiteboarding as I had a big quiver for wave windsurfing. In addition I saw few serious and deadly kite accidents while windsurfing a La Grande Motte.

Then I moved to the States, put all my energy into surfing, but now I am back from San Diego, Ca, I have no interest in surfing knee high waves. Meanwhile guys and girls in Delray are having a blast kitesurfing.

So last night to learn more about Best Kiteboarding, I stopped by their facility to pick up a brochure. I ended up having a good chat with Troy and Brian, two passionate of Kiteboarding. We joked that while kitesurfers are having a blast, surfers are struggling for a 2 second wave :)

Troy told me that they have some used kite for sale so I am sure I will back soon after selling some of my 9 surfboards.

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