Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quiksilver heated vest

Here is Quiksilver speech:

"Quiksilver introduces the first ever battery-powered heat vest that can be worn and operated under any wetsuit. Utilizing FAR infra-red heating technology, the Cypher PS+ Heat Vest System delivers hours of heat to vital organs maintaining your core temperature and extending your session! The Cypher PS+ Heat Vest utilizes flexible water proof carbon pads to house the powered heat elements and distribute heat to the body and water within the wetsuit.

These pads are incorporated into a lightweight polypropylene vest which can be worn under any wetsuit and serves as an additional thermal layer. Once the vest is on and under your wetsuit it is easy to press the button to change the heat settings or to turn the vest on and off.

Details: Comes with recharge-able battery that will last 2 hours on “High” Comes with Car Charger and Wall Charger with adaptors for different countries. Can be worn under any wetsuit (thickness or brand) Uses FAR infra-red heat technology – 129 deg on high setting and 116 deg on low setting 7 1/2 oz Polypropylene "

Surfing in San Diego with a 4/3 and booties have never been an issue but I guess if you live in North Cal or on the NE, I bet I wouldn't mind having one of those heated vest.
By heating your core, the warm blood is then reaching the feet and hands. I heard from the first test it is like like a big pee session in your wetsuit:)

The only caution I would have is the remote that is the size of an old generation cell phone. So if you hit your board while wearing it, this could easily break some ribs.

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