Thursday, November 12, 2009


Coming from Cali, I started to see a lot of hipsters wearing headphones (who doesn't have an ipod?)...but I can't believe it took that long to see kids wearing headphones going to school because 10 years ago I was already wearing those while skateboarding and snowboarding ( I am not at the origin of this cool factor, it was all over the pro snowboarders arena about that time).

With the headphone market booming, it is normal to see new brands coming out. After Nixon entering the market about a year ago, it is now the turn of Urbanears from Scandinavia to offer headphones.

However I find their marketing ads to be really similar to the Nixon ads. Don't get me wrong those are not 100% the same but product positioning and adding non related elements (paints, leaves,etc..) comes from the new Nixon ads.

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