Monday, January 18, 2010

New Burton 2011

Chris Cunningham, business unit director for Burton bindings was interviewed by TWS. Feel free to read the full article but here is a quick sum up of the interview.

-Malavita EST we have added air padding to the hi-back, a limited edition winged hi-back option, and a new lower price

C60 EST we have an all new MegaBED Air, which provides the rider will full air padding from toe to heel

Cartel EST and Mission EST, both models have upgraded hi-backs. We have also introduced the new Custom EST at $179

Re:Flex technology : new baseplate and disc design, this technology blends some of the benefits of EST with the versatility of a disc binding. Rider benefits include 70% more underfoot flex than traditional disc bindings, 20% lighter baseplate design, more cushioning than traditional disc bindings, and compatibility with all mounting systems (Channel, 3D, and 4×4). It is introduced on the Prophecy at $299 and C02 at $369.

-Expansion of their GMP regrind process across the entire line above the $160 price point.

-All new Freestyle and Citizen ‘One-Up’ series. These are in addition to our traditional Freestyle and Citizen, but are new convenience based one-strap models for easier entry and exit. They ride amazing in all types of conditions and cut your entry/exit time in half.

-From 50’s pulp art on the Malavita, to the scribbling from some drunken artist on the Cobrashark!, to the clean lines of the C02, each model takes on its own unique feel. In the women’s line it was no holds bar on the shelf appeal of this line

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