Saturday, January 30, 2010


When I saw the board about a month ago featured in some online forum, I thought to myself that the drawings were pretty weak but quickly I realized that it was very much like skateboarding (at least like Toy Machine) and because it is a rail board, It actually makes sense and in addition it is something different from other manufacturers.

I have been lucky enough to check out this board a week ago and actually the graphic looks much better in real than online. I felt I had a skateboard in my hands, you know ready to f&cking shred some kinky rails. With some new tech like Easy press core and no chip tip this board is ready to score.


parkpounder said...

I ordered this board with a pair of nitro raiden phantoms should be tight, any ideas on a good pair of boots to blend with it

Actionsportsnow said...

Hi Parkpounder,

The Salomonder is so sweet for jibs.

For boots I would recommend Salomon Savage, Burton Jeremy Jones, one of the DC.
Don't get 32 if you ride a lot of days because you will end up having to buy a new pair next season..they feel good at first but don't last a whole season.

I would advice you to go to a store to try different pairs, more than any other equipment, boots feel can be so different from one person to another.

Then bring your binding because you will have to check if they perfectly fit in the Phantom.

Finally you may look at different type of lacing systems : powerlace, fatlace, boa, double boa,etc...

Have fun shopping around.

Jordan said...

Hi did you demo this board?
I was wondering how the flex was compared to the horrorscope or the rome artifact rocker this year.
I really want the softest board I can find on the market in terms of 5-o's and nosepresses.

Actionsportsnow said...

Hi Jordan,
Artifact Rocker and Salomonder have soft flex but just above the wet noddle (I haven't tried the Horrorscope but I heard, it is a super soft board as well).
So to answer your question about the Salomonder, yes I demoed it and the board is really meant to jib so if you are looking to use for some powder days or groomers I would recommend another board. However what sets the Salomonder apart is that the core profile is designed for jibbing (they call it EasyPress Core) which make it soft on tip/tail for thoses crazy presses but stiffer flex around your binding so that you have a better control and pop.Hope this help

SAL said...

so... which board is super soft wet-noodle then?

I am overly light-weighted compared to my height,
So I kinda need really light and flexible board for jibbing and buttering around..

Any recommendations?

90% rail & jibbing..butterin..


Actionsportsnow said...

After SIA, I tried bunch of boards; I still think the Artifact ROcker and Salomonder are quite soft and will be good for what you are looking for (then just depends on which graphic you like best).