Friday, August 29, 2008

Smart car

Well I started to see those tiny cars in Europe in those big glass building next to the freeway almost 10 years ago, but I am starting to see those tiny car in downtown San Diego.

Living in the SUV capital of the world I always thought a Smart will not be safe for American road. While road rage is everywhere and French people can get pretty aggressive, we all have tiny cars so it is just fair game, but imagine having an Escalade changing lane, I am not sure if they will even feel crushing the Smart.

My wife and I have two cars but we mostly only use the same car to go surfing, grocery shopping
or going to Big Bear so I can see having a Smart to go to work or going out instead of having my Element.

It is not only because the gas mileage is much better than on my car, Mercedes use friendlier materials that pollute less during the manufacturing process and can be later recycled.

So my wife and I tested a Smart last weekend and I was actually pleasantly surprised: it is comfortable, fast and fun...I will certainly not drive 10 hours in it but this barely happen anyway.

I would highly recommend a test drive, it is fun and you will have certianly have a good conversion later that night on other ways to become more ecologicoly responsible.

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