Monday, August 4, 2008

to compete in today's market, one must be innovative

I grew snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Every month I get in the mail my favorites mags. I love to read cool articles about the lifestyles, trips,etc... but something that bother me is that half the mag are loaded with ads.

I think it just become a routine, I briefly look at the ad but frankly if you ask me later what ad I saw I may only remember an ad with Kelly, Taj, Parko or Bruce. Most surf brands think it is enough put the face of a pro surfer and a nice surf picture.

How am I going to believe that X sunglass print ad is going to help me in my surf. My two cent of advice is think outside the box: to compete in today's market, one must be innovative.

So my award for the only ad in mag that have sparked my interest is Insight, they are unique and creative which then make me think that there stuff is like their ads. Clearly it seems I am not the only one appreciating their work, because the result sparked a 50% increase in clothing clothes sales.

“We wanted to do something different,” says Insight Marketing Director Jesse Faen. “Most companies simply sponsor athletes or add their logos to action photos. Our company is not so much about an individual surfer as about a mentality. The response to our prop campaign has been incredible. We’ve had a lot of attention from international surf magazines. Across the world, our accounts were blown away by the originality. Most importantly, our customers have gained a deeper appreciation for what Insight represents.”

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