Saturday, April 19, 2008


The first time I went to Trestles was about a year ago when Leslie decided to write an article about “Save Trestles” effort. As I am a member of the Surfrider Foundation, it piqued my interest to know more about the break and the habitat surrounding its mystic waves.
We enjoyed a walk through the park, took some pictures and from that experience Leslie wrote her article to bring awareness to this last remaining park in Southern California.
But it was only months later that I finally surfed the wave. I had always heard that it was really crowded but as my two main break are Swami’s and Black’s, I found it hard to imagine that it could be any worse.
So Leslie, Adam (my best friend from Florida), and I decided to chill at Trestles on a beautiful Sunday. To our surprise, waves were in the chest high range and were breaking perfectly at Lowers.
While Adam and I consider ourselves pretty good surfers there were about 20 pro surfers in water that quickly brought us back to reality. Within 2 hours I think I had seen all the latest tricks and powerful turns that I usually see in the movies.
While In the water, it struck me that Trestles is not about a world class surf spot but rather the epitome of natural beauty. The San Onofre State Park is one of the last places for family to enjoy nature in peace.
For now Trestles is safe, but we shouldn’t take fore granted what tomorrow’s generations may never be able to experience. SAVE TRESTLES.

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