Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web Marketing: Nixon's website

As I discovered in my previous job, Interactive Agency can sometimes be misleading and it is important to know what need to be done for a good emarketing campaign and to make sure the image online is the same than on the street.

1. User Interface
A website needs to be intuitive in order to provide an happy path for the users, i.e get what they are looking for with the less click as possible.
Nixon’s website has Flash animation which makes it pleasant to look at, however several steps could be improved:

-AJAX could be used for the Drop-down function (good example is Apple’s website). This will allow a better interface without removing the Flash Video.

-Nixon’s website has a masculine feel; women are more detail-orientated, the goal would be to highlight the experience they would get if wearing a Nixon’s watch. Maybe the home page could be divided in two sections: male / female, each will redirect you to a more customized page (here at I took the burton example).

-Women are buying watches as accessories and imagine with what clothes they could go with...As an example the Ivy/ Joy Bryant picture evokes elegance, class, dressed parties, while the skyline or the Loft seems to go more with professional clothing who are looking for a creative/ art deco flair to stand out. More women pictures would help highlight the beauty of the watches and show them how they could stand out from the crowd.

-Nixon’s men watches used to classify their watches as Elite, Business, Sport,etc....However in the women watches page, it is not obvious for a first time user what the models stand for and why they are divided in 4 main columns with 7 columns total.

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