Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The ultimate travel board (Uli)

As a passionate surfer, my mind is always thinking about the next surf trip.

Next year, I will get married in France and then we are planning to go to Marocco. I am already
faced with a difficult decision: make my wife happy or bring my quiver of 6 surfboards during our honeymoon.

Someone once told me a happy life is a happy wife, so I am trying to find a strategic way to bring a surfboard without my wife knowing it...Uli may just have solved my dilemna.

Uli surfboards are great for backpack traveling, while it may not replace my Al Merrick, catching a wave is what I live for no matter what board I ride.

Furthermore, I was a surf instructor for several years and those boards looks great for beginners to prevent potential injuries.

Anyway, I am going to put this toy in my wedding gift list and I will take it to Marocco.

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