Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bataleon gives you the smile

I usually don't like to copy/paste from the manufacturer's website but that's too good:
"It would be very naive of you to just believe everything we say. I mean do you really believe any manufacturer that is raving about their product? No off course not. When was the last time you heard some brand talking shit about their own product. But the thing is we really are convinced that Triple Base Technology is the best thing that happened to snowboards since edges."

Okay so what is this crazy chart about? well the line shows where the board is flat (like the super hyped reversed camber....the banana is everywhere on the slop). Here is the catch, rocker (i.e reversed camber) are really sweet for jib, butter,etc... but no as good as cambered board for the resilience.
With this board you will get the best of both world. and by the way it's not new tech for them, they have tested it for couple of years now.

For you it means: excellent flex for jib, butter and an stiff enough to go on the hard pack and get the control when you go crazy fast. Then on nose and tail, the edges are not in contact so it's nearly impossible to catch an edge...the rotations that you nearly landed are things of the past, this board will make yo score and give you the Big Bataleon Smile

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