Monday, February 23, 2009

How to sell a used surfboard

Well since I moved from California to Florida, I have realized quickly that I will not be using my 9 surfboards as often.
After surfing for several years the epic waves of Southern California, it is almost impossible for me to surf those knee high waves. So far I have sold 4 boards successfully, selling boards ain't rocket science but few rules apply if you want to maximize your profit.

1-Presentation is everything, did they teach you that at school?? (by the way also apply for job So clean off the dirty wax, fixup the dings, glue down the peeled up traction pad,etc..

2-Where to sell? I would not recommend to do it in a surf shop because youngsters are used to buy stuff online, the chances are that if they are looking for a used board, they would like to get it for a decent price which makes the 20% surf shop mark up difficult to digest. The best way is to sell it in local forum, craiglist, etc...

3- how to write a description: if you are in Cali and look at Craiglist..there are 100s board posted everyday so the CATCHY Title is key. Description is important as well so become the sales man you dreamt to be, make the reader feels that with this board, he will be able to rip those waves without killing his cashflow.

4-Pictures: well be honest if there is a ding , take a picture of it. Otherwise take two or three shots with different angles (dimension, bottom, top). Please don't have your board featured on the bedroom floor surrounded by dirty underwear.

5-Bonus: including the fins is usually a must, when a potential buyer comes to see your board, give him your old sock may be old, but FREE is a magic word which will make the buying purchase a bit easier.

Al'right now go take some pics of your old surfboard, photoshop this kinky board (not too much) and Get the cash.

PS: if your board is really busted, don't try to sell it for $50...just give it to a kid looking to learn how to surf. Karma has a good memory and I am sure you will get a niiice barrel the next session. And for the one who live in Florida...euh maybe some waist high waves:)

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