Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surfer Swimsuit issue

My wife Leslie didn't really like the swimsuit issue from Surfers, she even said it is trying to copy Sport Illustrated. I think there is two way to look at it. To her point of view most readers from Surfers are guys and the last thing we are going to remember is the model and brand of the bikini, so it is certainly not really an effective way to promote those bikinis. She would have like to see women surfers modeling and not some chick on top of elephants or in a cage.
The second point of view is ....the Guy point of view: Bikinis is part of the surf lifestyle and those who wearing it nicely are pleasing to the eyes. So if Surfers wants to have 30 pages of girls in bikini, I am not the one who will complain but I would have like a perspective a bit more surf orientated.

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