Friday, December 11, 2009

How to use your smartphone/ipod during cold weather?

Americans are in love with new tech and what could make them save few seconds in their daily how about gloves that are designed to work with smartphones and ipod. I guess if you live in Florida, the chances of wearing gloves are pretty slim but for the rest of us gloves can be a bitch when you want to use your iPhone or iPod.

To solve this winter issue, Dot Gloves have came up with some pretty useful gloves that have small nickel or brass dots on two fingertips allowing users to manipulate the touchscreens of smartphone devices while keeping their hands warm in cold weather. I believe their products were released last year but with the cold fronts starting to show up, I could be a pretty good Xmas idea.
Thanks Leslie for the tip!!!

Official Site: Dots Answers

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