Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mark Penxa / DC Snowboard

I was reading Snowtime yesterday, and there was a pretty good article on the making of the DC PBJ boards.

The theme was to have animals hanging around the Mountain Lab in addition to have the 80's skate vibes. So DC asked Mark Penxa to do the graphic of their PBJ boards collection.

Here is what Mark had to said in this interview: "I started by getting inspiration from Jim Phillips oldschool arts (the famously known screaming hands from Santa Cruz).... on a skate deck the drawing is centered while on a snowboard there are empty spaces" and then talks more about the gore side of the graphics, "it is a reference to all those oldschool skateboarders, graphics are based on blood, limbs, zombies".

All the animals living in the Mountain Lab have been infected by a zombie and things just got out of control.

I particularly like the one where you see Ken Block's Subaru jumping in the background.

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