Friday, March 6, 2009

Cappel's website....bikinis: WTF

When I was a teenager I used to love Reef girls, I still do but not like putting posters on my bedroom wall, and any way my wife would not let me.

I bet showing booties on their ads helped Reef to get where they are now. At first sight, Back shots of women has nothing to do with the product itself, sandals. However I would argue that it has everything to do with it: from Brazil, beaches, summer: sandals mean vacations and as a results the pursue of any kids dream, i/e looking at chick in bikinis.

Several companies have tried that road in the surfing business as well as outside the surfing community, like Cappel.

Unlike Reef, the pictures look more like a Victoria Secret catalog...and quite frankly why chicks are wearing the guys clothes and half naked chicks are also doing the girl section.
I could have understood the irony of doing guys in girl clothes and viceversa.

In my opinion that's a very poorly marketing campaign for 08/09 that says: "hi guys we couldn't really come up with any good concept this year so let's put some legs and boobs so that kids will look at our website".

At least last year, they did a pinup feel (like in the 50s), pictures were originals and it was a good concept. This year looks like they did not have any budget to do anything so they just picked up few girls next door to wear their stuffs.

Cute girls are still nice to look at, but nowadays teenagers have access to anything online with a big X so I am not sure if a Victoria Secret imitation will convert them into loyal customers.

If you are gonna buy their products because you saw a chick wearing a bra, that doesn't bother me but now would you buy the product if it was Calvin Klein model all trimmed up, I bet you wouldn't. 70% of men are snowboarders so I decided to ask girlfriends who snowboards to give me their opinion...their impression went from "where are the hot dudes??" to "poor marketing scheme".

There are so many good brands out there with excellent products and positive concepts, that I am gonna rate this brand a big F.

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