Monday, March 9, 2009

Gangsta snowboarder...give me a break

When I used to rent a room in Leucadia, CA few blocks away from the beach, I would see all those kids living in multimillion dollars houses and trying to look like homies with clothes that could fit Jabba the Hut.

My wife grew up in trailers with crack dealers neighboors. She explained to me those guys would wear big clothes to hide weapons...Maybe those kids want to look hardcore so that their mummies would give them Mc Donald's instead of a fillet mignon.

Now about Technine, how can you be gangsta lookin when snowboarding is not exactly a cheap sport, not really some gears that you need for survival.

It is just plain retarded to have those punk kids faking they are from the hood doing trick that are not even that good.....check this movie out from Technine
That is for sure the worst movie that I have watched this year.

I don't mind the lack of style of those clothes, but I mind the attitude: breaking boards, walking like you have a 15lbs dingdong, moving arms like a scare crow...that's what really get on my nerves.

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