Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flexlite: technology inspired by windsurfing

My buddy Chris has been swearing by his Flexlite. The main problem with PU boards is that after a while, they look their mechanical properties and decrease in performance.
With an EPS core and PVC sheet foam, it gives extra durability and ding resistance.

The main difference with those boards is that they are tapered on the rails to give excellent flex pattern. In addition the epoxy gives a better flex response.

I haven't tried his board out yet, after all it's Florida so I may have to wait for a trip in Panama to test it but after few years of using his board, I haven't noticed one ding on it.

However if you are concerned by the environment, you may want to look at Firewire because PVC is not exactly what I would call eco-friendly material.

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