Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nike SB Custom Serie

I started skateboarding 23 years ago, at some I had a decent level but after sereval broken bones. Skateboarding to me became more like something to fart around between snowboarding and surfing.

Nonetheless in all those years I saw many brand rising and falling. So when I started seeing Nike SB getting into skateboard I knew it would not be easy as Nike represents everything except skateboarding.

They had some big flops but since 2005, Nike SB has been rising and I would say one thing was sponsoring major skaters like Paul Rodriguez but also they original approach in their ads.

So here is the new Custom Serie 3, the theme is all about Skateboarding on cars. As far as I can remember I always saw car in skate movies and that is what Nike is trying to get: legibility.
By using innovative and historical theme, Nike can become progressively legit.

I am not a big fan of Nike, but those ads are killers.

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