Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally a good graphic on Nitro board...Buy IsenSeven

I haven't tried the T1 boards from Nitro but heard good things about them, they work best for snowpark and street that's why there is the new "RailKiller Edge" to increase durability and features the X Power Core for improved snap, blablablah....

I have owned few Nitro in the past but I have never been impressed with their graphics, it's kindda of boring. Salomon used to be that way too in early 2000. Well the snow movie production IsenSeven from Munich, Germany to is using the T1 board from Nitro to provide a limited Edition with some sick graphic (I would like the brand a little bit smaller on the bottom, otherwise I feel like I am a billboard)

So far it is only available on their website, at 399euros (close to be $550)

I am kinda of late here, I guess it takes time for the news to go over the Atlantic, the movie "Teenage love Grafitti" is sick and there are some funny parts too.
Go check out the trailer, it's pretty damn good.

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