Friday, January 30, 2009

Skate with the Stars....

if you can afford one of the three Louis Vuitton skateboards worth $8,250...I saw quite a few amusing comment online, it kindda of reminded me when Nike started to get into skateboarding and snowboarding....After the huge corporates trying to get a piece of the cake, now that's the Luxury brands trying to get into the Action Sport world.

Does it mean the companies created by snowboarders/skaters are going to break under the power of those corporations??? Well I would not to worry too much, those skateboard/ case were created for a charity event in New York City.

Speaking about Luxury brands, instead of buying a skateboard for 8K, why not buying a Chanel snowboard for $2,750.00. Noooooooooooo our worst nightmares are coming true.
For all of you, people who don't feel the crunch, The Paris Hilton of Switzerland, if you read this blog, no worries at least the board is the Ultralight from Nidecker.

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