Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have the board, be the artist.

Most riders are really proud of what they ride and we can talk about a board forever. Of course when we buy a board, we do our homework and read reviews to make sure it's a good board and that it fits our style. One thing that most people do unconsciously is that the final purchase decision/call to action comes from the graphic on the board.
It can be the best board in the world, a crappy graphic would be a big turn off...Anyone would prefer to skip it and go with the second best board in the world (with blazin' graphic).

With that said, what about having your own graphic so people can either tell you how talented you are.

So Series 13 (Burton) can do that for you and take care of all the logistic headaches (with acost of course). Janet Jackson from the Super Bowl is not allowed.

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