Thursday, January 1, 2009

Heated snowboard Jacket

I just came back to the States after 8 intense days of eating, drinking French wine. During those holidays there was a Siberian cold front making my Floridian clothes pretty much useless. I was looking in stores for a new jacket and finally tried the Aaron jacket from FourSquare. I haven't bought it because of the price but what a jacket, super comfortable, removable heated system, back arm venting and I loved the fur on the hood.

The battery charged heated liner seems pretty simple to use and reading the user instructions, it seems 6 hour of charges will delivers 8 hours of heat.

And the facts you can remove/add layers is a good way to have one jacket that can work from Dec 'til May.


Leslie Juvin Tennant said...

I hope that fur is fake and cruelty free, buddy.

Ryan said...
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