Monday, January 12, 2009

Like in cars...the hottest trend is to be hybrid

Firewire is launching a new hybrid surfboard, named RapidFIRE that has just been released. What I like about Firewire is that I can get a high performance surfboard while being environmentally responsible.
While it cannot be recycled, they are using materials that have less impact on the environment during the manufacturing process like EPS foam, Epoxy and for this new board a top deck made out of Bamboo. In addition they give 1% of their sale to 1% For The Planet

To sum up the technology, the bamboo deck works in synergy with the interior carbon rods to provide ultimate flex patterns, to the lucky B*&tches who will own those boards that mean you will be able to maximize speed and generate better turns.

One other big advantage of this model mentioned by Chuy Reyna, Marketing Manager for Firewire is that the retail price is at $595. So it is more affordable than other models from Firewire while having better performance compare to PU boards.

Then for guys like me who live in South Florida, that means the bamboo deck will look sick in my condo as I have bamboo floor...and then once a month I could use it going upcoast.

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