Friday, January 2, 2009

Snowboard goes Banana

I first saw the skate banana at Big Bear, Ca last year and talked with guys who tried it. From what they said the Magne Traction gives a strong hold when you ride on ice, which naturally make sense because of the 7 point of contact. In the park, they are actually pretty good and slide well on rails.

So when I went to France, two of my friends were going to buy a snowboard and I told them about Lib Tech and it would be worth checking them out. I could not find it in any stores though and after searching on the web, it seems those boards are hard to find. It's too bad that they come up with all this buzz but don't have the supply to satisfy the demand which is going to give some time to competitors to come up with similar technologies before Lib manages to convert those riders.

So far I heard great things about the Banana technology, and actually I did the same experimentation when I was studying composite and snowboard technology 6 years ago. "As the weight presses out the rocker, tips and tails still makes full contact for control and stability but edge pressure is reduced in tips and tails , allowing them to float. The flex pattern is stiffened at tips and tails to give extra pop and stability during landings."

I am a believer that video is worth a 100 words, so check this video out, it's a bit old but good enough to give you a visual idea.

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Mode Snow Trend Spotters said...

And this year Roxy finally introduced its own ladies banana: the Eminence BTX -so hot