Thursday, January 8, 2009

When Electronic products break days after the warranty expire

I believe in karma but WTF, every time I buy an electronic product, it breaks within a month after the warranty period ended. To make things worst when I buy an extended warranty, it never breaks.

Anyway warranty suck so that's why I am now looking at product that are rugged like this new Panasonic SDR-SW21 that records to SD/SDHC cards. I am not an expert on video quality,etc so don't ask me if you can become the next MackDawg with it, but my point is that it can survive a 4 foot drop, waterproof down to 6.5 feet and is dustproof.
An other nice feature is that you can download your biggest slam directly to site like Youtube

It supposed to hit the stores on April 2009 with a tag price of $400 and in three color options: lime green, orange, and silver.

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