Monday, January 5, 2009

Never get lost: Navjacket

For the ones who have seen the movie" Les Bronzees font du ski", you understand that getting lost in the mountains suck.

In the States, I only went snowboarding at Big Bear, so you have to be dumb to get lost but if you go to the French Alpes, it is actually quite easy. The slopes are so gigantic that you take a lift and then an other one, next thing you know it's 4.30pm, lifts are shutting down and you are miles away from your chalet...Yep that's the Alpes.

Sometimes you happen to find a natural kicker but then can't quite remember how you got there...Well those days are over with the the Navjacket from O'Neill.

There is an integrated display on the sleeves and audible instructions from the hood. You can tag your favorite spots, record routes and find friends, favorite bar and even download 3D map to your cellphone.

At 1350 euros (I have not seen the US retail price yet), It may not be for everyone, however I would have like to get a keyboard on the jacket to be able to login into my facebook account. Ohh well maybe next year.

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