Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't get stuck...underwater

My buddy Chris told me over a month ago that we was surfing in front of the golf clubs , which is a pretty good break but has bunch of shiit underwater, making it possible to get the leash entangled during delicate situation. Most of the time we get small waves in Florida so it is no big deal. However the day Chris surfed, there was a ripping drift, so bad that he could not even reach his leash and have enough grip to free himself. He is an amazing surfer, and to know that he almost drown was a shocker to me.

As an engineer, I started to think about ways to prevent this type of accidents and thought about a quick release system.

However my thoughts of becoming rich and famous vanished when I checked out the competition to see an other genius came up with the idea...Damn it...XM stole my idea. lol
Do anybody think I could get royalties ???

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