Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nixon: Barneys ltd Edition

I bought my first Nixon watch in 1998 and I have now more than 10. As of lately I have noticed many people wearing those watches but are out of shape as well as reviews in non surf/snow/skate mag. So is Nixon loosing its grasp on its core customers???

As a UCSD marketing project, I did a marketing planning on Nixon watches. I found that if Nixon wanted to grow, they will need to have a wider image that can appeal to people outside the Action Sport industry but still be creative and original to appeal to its core customers.

6 months later, I noticed a switch in their marketing position and by middle of 2008, advertisement featured less pro, it became more about the watches. The ads exactly reflect what I proposed in my plan: they are classy, stylish and leave more room for being appealing to a non surfer guy.

Action Sport companies like any other companies need to grow and generate more profit. It is normal that Nixon is reaching an audience that may not only be composed of action sports consumers.
With that said, the next two years are going to be critical for Nixon as new brands or big surf companies may challenge Nixon's number 1 position in the Action Sport Industry.

Here is an example of Nixon watches getting out of the comfort zone by reaching non Action Sport consumers: the Barneys celebration of 50 years of the peace sign. Nixon integrated a Happy Hippie theme into the crowd-favorite 51-30 watch.

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