Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wetsuit Vs. Sand

About a year ago, my wife Leslie bought me a Cinch Sac. At first I thought I would be using it once or twice but after a while it soon became the best surf accessory that I had gotten in a while.

What I used to do was to remove my wetsuit on the sand but then I would bring home 2lbs of sand. I would then wash my wetsuit in the shower, which is a good way to have an argument with your loved one when she goes into the shower and see that you have modified women's heaven into a dirty beach spot.

And then even after cleaning the wetsuit you will always have some sand left in the wetsuit, which is quite irritating while surfing.

The idea is great but I found the design a bit too rudimentary for me because when I used this stuff to go to Black's beach and have to walk for ever: a wet wetsuit is quite heavy and there are no good handle ,except this cheap rope that friction on the shoulder or on the wrist.

In addition I would have liked to get a couple of pockets into this bag for keys, waxcomb and maybe a FCS key as well.

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