Monday, December 8, 2008

Sanuk: the mammoth

I think everyone who has worked in a creative department loves to design new ads, new stories, a new way to sell a product: that is the fun part of our job. However a team should be aware at working a brand consistency.

I really like the latest ad from Sanuk, it's light, funny and it is simply different from all the ads you see in a mag. I would say it pictures pretty well the brand: ugly shoes that are actually pretty comfortable.

However I haven't found the slogan resonating with the ad: " highly evolved style with prehistoric comfort".
In my opinion prehistoric means rough, rocky , anything but comfort and looking at those shoes and how there are pictured through the ad, I would describe them as prehistoric but damn comfortable.
So by simply switching words, the ad could get its full potential: "Prehistoric style with highly evolved comfort".

With that said, Sanuk is counteracting all those surf companies that are saying I am the definition of they could position themselves as I don't give a damn about style, we are all about comfort.

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