Saturday, December 13, 2008

That's it, That's all

Last night, Leslie and I went and saw the movie Premiere That's it, that's all. At first it was a bit difficult as i saw three post with each a different time and nowhere it said that we should register to be able to see the Premiere.

Once in, the evens was really cool: Red Bull coktails were flowing, and the DJ was bringing some good vibes

The crowd was eager to see what is the next step of snowboarding, others were here to discover what this sport is all about. Only in Florida will you get a Rastafarian introducing a snowboard movie.

I grew up watching snowboard movies, the least I can say is that scenary, sound and image quality is really not what come in mind when I think about snowboard movies....well all that changed when I saw That's it, That's all, featuring Travis Rice.
Obviously Travis is ripping it with tricks like a triple cork, music is blasting and helicopter shots are ridiculous. During the whole movie, I was amazed by the quality, I thought it was a National Geographic movie, it was so good.

After the movie, there were a draft for winning freebies such as dvd, jacket and even one trip. My wife was called "Lupai" and won a dvd. We also learned that the event was organized by Florida Snowboard Association (FSA) with the help of Quiksilver and Red Bull.

I think it was an amazing night, the whole party was free and I found that particularly during this time, that's is simple awesome to have companies offering such an event. Stay tune for more.

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