Friday, December 12, 2008

Von Zipper Vs. Smith Optics

So yesterday I was talking about interruption marketing. I have nothing against ad, my problem is that some companies out there don't use the ad to its full potential.

Let's take the Ad from Von Zipper and compare a similar product from Smith Optics.

The ad from Smith says "the best team, the best eyewear"...Alright they sponsor Bobby, CJ, Yadin but if you look at the best team, I would think Donovan, Andy, Taj, and Parko are way better so to the consumer it is such a cheezy thing to say "best team" in what??? does that make Smith the "best eyewear"?

If it was only about product, I would buy shades at Walmart. But by wearing a brand, I am communicating a brand spirit, I am saying something by wearing Von Zipper instead of Electric,etc...So the ad's goal is to communicate this spirit.

VZ's ad is really creative, it's about fun, unique and original. It is exactly what you want to feel when you wear shades. Nonetheless it should not be creative for the fun of it, you need to have brand consistency and how you carry your message.

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