Monday, December 15, 2008

When Butt matters....

I am gonna be honest, to have some good lookin' chicks in bikini in a surf mag is quite pleasing.
Reef has became synonymous with women curves (mostly backside view). I am still wondering how butt and sandals are related but it sure created a buzz in the teenager world.

Other companies (mostly startup) are trying as well, but it just feels like a marketing tool and it doesn't feel right.

So why Reef can get away with it, it's because they were N 1 in the customer mind, it is part of the brand spirit and that is why others feel like copycats.

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Mode Snow Trend Spotters said...

that's why I love havaianas forget booty, it's all about the toesies!
Actually, they are an amazing brand. From their designs, advertising, website to POP and merchandising. Sizzling Brazilian ;p